026. I hate it when people bash on Americans

I mean, we all know I’m not the biggest fan of America… Like at. all. But when people from other countries stereotype Americans, it makes me kind of want to slap them. Like “Americans are fat and stupid and lazy.” Uhm, yes, I realize obesity and heart disease are like our number one issue right now, but stupid? You have to realize it is only a target group of fucking MORONS living in this country that make us all look like dumbasses, and by grouping us all in that category, you make yourself look like a stereotypical jackass. So by stereotyping Americans, you create a demographic for Americans to stereotype in return. It’s circular logic a little bit.

So no, America isn’t my favorite country in the world and it would not be my choice place to live, but when people say bad things about it, it makes me want to rattle off a timeline of American history outlining everything good to have ever come out of this country (like telephones and microwaves lol) because whether I like it or not, I do live here and it is my home so if you don’t like it, feel free to keep silent about the issue whilst in my presence.